Many plants back in stock

We have recently updated the website and most plants are back in stock. There are plenty of rare & unusual herbs and edible plants ready for spring planting. MSH

Mashua, a rare Andean perennial vegetable

Our Mashua plants are growing on very well. And we are hoping to have plants, grown from cuttings, to be available for purchase in the next couple of months. Mashua, Tropaeolum tuberosum, is a herbaceous perennial climbing or ground cover plant from the Andes. It is a very rare plant outside of South America, where it has been cultivated for many thousands of years, which produces edible tubers. The tubers are considered to be a great delicacy. The leaves are also edible, like the more common garden nasturtium plant. The Mashua plant also has excellent ornamental value, with very attractive foliage and beautiful red and yellow tubular flowers, produced in summer and autumn. It can be grown a

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We grow common & unique herbs, perennials, perennial vegetables, edibles & plants for animals. We are a mail order nursery located close to Maitland NSW Australia

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