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Our website has just been fully updated, with a lot of new plants & many returning to stock. New plants added: Heimia Variegated Ground Elder Brahmi Frills Plantain Juniper Berry - Self Fertile Great White Lobelia Lungwort Bergamot, ‘Mahogony’ Bergamot, Beauty of Cobham Nodding Water Avens Blue Bugle Dimity Magenta Clover Mauve Yarrow Culver’s Root Pomegranate Rampion Roman Wormwood Samphire Back in stock plants include: Za'atar Lemon Scented Savory Wild Bergamot Lime Balm Lemon Verbena Lemon Balm Rue Loosestrife Sea Campion Mexican Tarragon Wild Oregano Aztec Sweet Herb And many more. Enjoy browsing the website

Autumn Sale - 10% Off All Plants

Autumn is a great time to be planting and working out in the garden, enjoying being outside. To celebrate the weather changing to cooler, milder days, with regular rainfall, we are having a sale. 10% off all plants store wide for one week. Starting Saturday 14th of April and ending Saturday 21st of April 2018 Use code AUTUMN18 when completing your order

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We grow common & unique herbs, perennials, perennial vegetables, edibles & plants for animals. We are a mail order nursery located close to Maitland NSW Australia

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