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- About Us -



We have been interested in gardening for many years. With this came a passion for collecting and growing herbs, edibles and unusual perennials including perennial vegetables. With five years of experience working in a full scale propagation and mail order nursery giving us the experience and extra skills to have a go at running our own family run nursery.


As we are a small business some of the plants are only offered in small numbers, but if you require more of a particular plant send an email or give us a call. We are trying to maintain a large variety of unusual plants for sale.


We only sell our plants online.


As we are always collecting and growing on unusual plants there should be a fairly continuous flow of new plants coming up for sale on the website.


Postage & Ordering Information 


Any orders received after 8pm Sunday night may not be posted until the following Monday.

Plants will be sent bare rooted. They will be individually wrapped and tagged, for safe transport and ease of identification on arrival. Plants will need to be planted into appropriate growing medium and watered well as soon as they arrive. 


Plants will be sent via Australia Post.


Plants are only sent within Australia. Due to quarantine restrictions plants will not be sent to Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory.


Payments for plants can be made via Paypal or Credit Card. Once orders and payments have been received plants will be posted the following Monday. Plants will only be posted on a Monday to avoid plants being stuck in a bag in a post office over the weekend.

All plants that we send are in excellent health and condition. They are packaged with all due care and responsibility. Once they are posted, we are no longer responsible for their care and condition. We cannot accept responsibility for Australia Post and what damage may incur to plants in transit. As the purchaser you must accept the responsibility for their condition on arrival. It is up to you, the purchaser to seek compensation for damaged or lost orders from Australia Post. Midsummer Herbs will not be liable once your parcel has been sent. These terms and conditions of sale must be read and accepted before you can order


Important Information 

All care has been taken when researching the use of plants and herbs but allergies and dietaries requirements have not been considered. No liability will be taken by Midsummer Herbs for the use or misuse as outlined in the following catalogue resulting in any adverse reactions. We advise customers to conduct their own research before using for consumption or medical use by human or animal. The medical use of these plants need to be researched by the consumer before consumption

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