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Blue Mallow on sale

Blue Mallow, Malva sylvestris ssp. mauritiana. This is an attractive and hardy plant which is a new addition to our catalogue. The Blue Mallow would normally cost $7.50 each but for this month will be $4.50 each.

New plants to be added to the website shortly

  1. Cretan Thyme

  2. Lemon Scented Savory

  3. Eveready Onions

  4. Greek Oregano- small leaved variety

  5. Stone Mint

  6. Persian Hyssop Thyme

  7. Spanish Wood Thyme

  8. Job’s Tears.

These and the plants listed in the previous email will be uploaded to the website soon as plant for sale.

Below are some photos taken of the new plants for sale and what's looking good in the garden at the moment

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