New Plants For Sale Soon

We have many new and interesting varieties to add to our website. They will be updated shortly with pictures and prices. The list is below. Ajuga, Pink Elf Amaranth 'Fireworks' Anthemis 'E.C.Buxton' Asparagus, Purple Bellis Perennis Berries and Cream Mint Burdock Cinquefoil Corsican Mint Curly Wood Sage Double Golden Feverfew Duck Potatoes, Dormant tubers Dyers Woodruff Eau De Cologne Mint Freesia Old Fashioned Freesia, Coloured Golden Elder Greek Oregano Honeymelon Sage Horseradish Korean Mint Land Cress Lemon Verbena Lobelia siphilitica Loosestrife Lovage Melilot Pennyroyal Perennial Leeks Pink Rain Lily Raspberry Rose Scented Geranium Savory of Crete Self Heal Skirret Sneezewort Strawberr

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We grow common & unique herbs, perennials, perennial vegetables, edibles & plants for animals. We are a mail order nursery located close to Maitland NSW Australia

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