New Year, A Great Variety of New Plants

I have recently updated the website and have added a lot of new plants, some really interesting herbs and edible plants. The list includes some new and very rare perennial alliums. The new plants are- Mauka- A rare South American perennial vegetable. Indian Aster- Another new perennial vegetable and herb Sainfoin- A perennial plant with many uses, including nitrogen fixing, animal fodder, and ornamental bee plant. Leek, Perennial- St Victors x Oerprei- A large , hardy and very tasty perennial leek, produced from two very old varieties of leek. Onion, Bunching- Winter Ishikura- Another productive perennial allium Blue Chives- A very rare chive. Scurvy Grass- A medicinal and edible plant. Burn

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We grow common & unique herbs, perennials, perennial vegetables, edibles & plants for animals. We are a mail order nursery located close to Maitland NSW Australia

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