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New Plants Available


We've just added some more plants to the website. The plants include more herb, perennial vegetable, edible and perennial varieties. Most are really useful, interesting and unusual plants.

We have continued to grow our ranges of edible plants, especially the perennial vegetables.

The new plants listed today are:

- Dropwort

- Roman Chamomile

- White horehound

- Prostrate Rosemary

- Meadow Sage

- Willowherb

- Minutina

- Bittercress

- Sweet Marjoram

- Chinese Onions

- Bunching Onions

- Greek Pennyroyal

- Sweet Potato-Orange

- Sweet Potato- Purple

- Greek Perennial Basil

- Sea Campion

- Sculpit

- Madiera Betony

- Stevia

- Toothache Plant

- Borage

- Clarey Sage

- Snowpoppy

- Mullein

We will also have some more plants listed soon. These include:

- Artichokes- Green and Purple

- Egyptian Walking Onions

- Scarlet Runner Beans

- Vietnamese Artichokes

- Greek Wild Greens

- Earth Chestnut

- Rocambole/ Serpent Garlic

- More Skirret plants

- Basil Mint

- Sheep Sorrel

- Gypsywort

- Honeysuckle- several different varieties

- Lobelia inflata

- Dittany of Crete

- Strawberry- Yellow fruit

- Calamintha grandiflora.

- Aztec Sweet Herb

- Edelweiss

- Blue Mallow

- Golden Rod

- Thyme- Creeping white flowered & Orange

- Trailing Nasturtium

These plants should all be listed and available for sale in the next month

Below are some more photos from our garden

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