Achillea millefolium - Hardy herbaceous perennial ground cover. 30-60cms height, 60-80cms spread. Full sun to part shade. Feathery, fern like aromatic foliage. Small white flowers, held in clusters, sometimes with a pink tinge, from summer to autumn. Grows in most well drained soil types. Cut back in the winter for new spring growth. A good ground cover plant, that will grow in areas a lot of other plants won’t.  Sheep and goats enjoy eating this herb and it is a good tonic for them. It is dried by European farmers and used as one of their winter fodder herbs. Used by the ancient Greeks as a medicinal herb. Also used by the ancient druids. A good companion plant, its roots emit a secretion that activates disease resistance of nearby plants. And it also increases the aromatic and medicinal qualities of nearby herbs. It is also a good compost accelerator.

Yarrow, White

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