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Eleocharis dulcis - Hardy, perennial aquatic vegetable. Full sun. Stems can grow to 1.5 metres above water level. Member of the sedge family, grown for its edible corms. Corms are planted under water into the mud in the spring. They prefer a rich mud to be planted into. Corms can be eaten raw or cooked in a variety of ways. They can even be ground into a flour. They can be used fresh or stored for later use. Harvest corms in late autumn, winter, when stems have died back. Grows naturally in water margins or bogs. Corms are also used medicinally. Stems are also used as an animal fodder and make a good mulch for other plants. Corms planted under water at 10 cm to 30 cms maximum depth. Aerial parts are frost tender

Water Chestnut

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