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Tanacetum vulgare - Hardy, herbaceous perennial. 1 metre height, 1.5 metres width. Full sun to part shade. Small bright yellow button like flowers in clusters. Attractive to bees, butterflies and hoverflies. Summer and autumn flowering.  Beautiful green fern like leaves. Strongly aromatic leaves and flowers. A medicinal herb. An excellent companion plant for potatoes, cucumbers, squash, roses and berries. Also good planted under fruit trees to repel insect pests. Leaves and flowers used to make a tea. Best grown in moist soil, rich in organic matter. But will grow in most well drained soil types. A green dye can be obtained from the young shoots, a yellow dye from the leaves and flowers. Leaves fresh or dried said to repel ants, moths, flies, lice and fleas. Prunings are good in the compost heap. Cows and sheep will eat this plant. It’s a powerful vermifuge for animals, especially the seed. A fast growing plant, that will also self seed freely.


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