Rumex acetosa - Hardy herbaceous perennial.60-120 cms height, 30 cms width. Full sun to part shade. Small brownish flowers appear on long flower stalks. Remove flowers if not collecting leaves so plants produce more leaves. Edible herb. The leaves contain high levels of oxalic acid and are best not consumed in large amounts. Water regularly to help improve leaf flavour. Will grow in most moist but well drained soil types, even acidic soil. Frost hardy. A dark green to brown and a dark grey dye can be obtained from its roots, and a blue-grey dye from the leaves and stems. Used as a medicinal plant. A good food plant for many species of caterpillars. Eaten by all farm animals, it contains cooling and soothing qualities for them. Seed can be fed to cattle as a tonic. Leaves can be used to curdle milk in cheese making.

Sorrel, Meadow

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