Plantago lanceolata - Perennial. 50 cms height, 25cms width. Flowers held on 10-40 cm stems, ending in small brown spikes, from which the tiny white flowers appear. Medicinal herb., used internally and externally. Frost hardy. Grows in most well drained soils, including poor soils. Will grow in coastal gardens. Young leaves edible, eaten raw or cooked. The seed is also edible, eaten cooked like sago, also ground and used that way. Gold and brown dyes can be made from it. Used interchangeably with Plantago major. A good fodder plant for  farm animals. Grazed freely by goats, sheep, cows and horses.A good fodder crop as it will grow on poor soil where not alot else will grow. Poultry enjoy eating the seed heads. Medicinal for animals also, used internally and externally.

Plantain, Ribwort

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