Mentha pulegium - Hardy perennial mint. 35 cms height, 70 cms width. Full sun to part shade. Pennyroyal has a prostrate growth habit. Pink purple flowers held above the foliage, from summer to autumn. Has a very strong fragrance, especially when crushed or walked on. A medicinal herb, best used under doctors advice. Used as a culinary and medicinal herb by the ancient Greeks and Romans, also used in the middle ages. It was a highly valued herb in ancient times. Not really used as a culinary herb now, too strong a flavour and aroma. Over consumption of pennyroyal can be toxic, and penny royal oil is extremely toxic and not to be consumed, by humans or animals. The leaves are used fresh or dried to repel insects and rodents. Good companion plant for eggplants, cabbages and tomatoes. Best grown in a moist soil, and will grow in most soil types. Frost hardy.


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