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Origanum vulgare hirtum - Perennial hardy, ground covering herb. 60 cms height, 70 cms width. Frost hardy. Full sun to part shade, but prefers full sun. Culinary herb, leaves eaten raw or cooked, or fresh or dried. This variety of oregano has a much stronger flavour and aroma than other oreganos. Preferred by most as the best culinary oregano. A tea is made from the dried leaves and stems. Also used as a medicinal herb, both internally and externally. Grows in most well drained soil types. A good companion plant to other plants, especially cucumbers, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. Does well in pots. Produces white flowers in the summer. Only requires moderate watering. Excessive water causes the roots to rot. Will become dormant in winter, but will regrow in the spring.

Oregano, Greek

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