Althaea officinalis - Hardy herbaceous perennial, 60-120 cms height, 60-80 cm width. Medicinal and ornamental plant. Used by the ancient Egyptians and the Romans. Flowers pink or white in summer and autumn. The flowers are attractive to bees and butterflies. Prefers moist to wet rich soil, can be grown in pond margins, on river banks or in wet areas of the garden where a lot of other plants won't grow. It will grow in drier soil, but grows bigger and lusher in moist to wet soil.  Will grow in most soil types, even saline soils, and will grow well in seaside gardens. Frost hardy plant, being hardy to -25 degrees Celsius. Roots and leaves edible, flowers used to make a tea. Roots originally used to make marshmallows. The foliage of this plant is eaten by all farm animals, and is a good medicinal grazing plant. Cut back in autumn or winter when foliage dies back, plant will regrow in the spring.


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