Origanum onites 'Aureum' - Hardy herbaceous  perennial. 30 cms height, 60 cms width. Full sun to part shade, but prefers full sun. Grows in most well drained soils. Requires some water, be careful not to over water. Culinary herb. The flavour lasts well when cooked. Leaves can be steeped to make a tea. Flowers attractive to bees, the plant is used to disinfect bee hives. The whole plant is very aromatic .Regular pruning or harvesting throughout the growing season maintains new healthy bushy growth. Leaves and flower heads can be dried for later use. Frost hardy herb. Eaten by goats and sheep. It imparts a sweet taste to their milk. Also a very tonic and blood purifying plant for animals. It is a good companion plant as it improves the flavour of nearby plants.

Marjoram, Pot

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