Aloysia triphylla - Perennial, deciduous shrub.2 metres height, 1.5 metres width. A medicinal herb for humans and animals. Full sun to part shade. Well drained loose soil, rich in organic matter is preferred. . A tender shrub, that doesn’t like frosts. But we get frosts here, and the plants lose their leaves, but they do grow back in the spring. The dormant branches are hardy to -10 degrees celcius.  Best to prune them when they are dormant, this encourages bushier growth in the spring. The leaves has a beautiful intense lemon fragrance. One of my favourite herbs in the garden, I can’t walk past it without smelling the leaves, they are invigorating. The leaves are used to make a tea. Also used as a culinary herb, adding a lemon flavour to dishes.  Produces sprays of small white flowers in the spring and summer. Don’t over water when lemon verbena is dormant. Leaves are great in pot purri, they retain their scent for many years.

Lemon Verbena

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