$3.50 per tuber. Sagittaria latifolia - Rhizomatous perennial. Grows naturally in shallow wetlands. Produces edible tubers. A very productive plant, a single tuber can produce up to 40 tubers. An emergent plant, the emergent foliage provides good habitat for frogs and insects. Long roots produce the tubers. The roots can spread a long distance, and may become invasive, so best to grow in large pots, or an old bath tub. Can be grown in bog gardens or ponds also, that are not parts of natural waterways. The tubers are best eaten cooked and taste similar to a mix between a potato and a chestnut. Attractive large arrowhead shaped green leaves. The emergent growth can be from 60-120 cms out of the water. The foliage diea back late autumn, early winter The plant produces small white flowers in the spring. A fast growing, low maintenance plant. Frost hardy. Also a medicinal plant, used internally and externally.

Duck Potato

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