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Tanacetum balsamita - Hardy perennial herb. 45-50cms height, 30-50 cms width. Full sun to part shade. Clusters of small yellow button shaped flowers in summer. Flowers held on stalks up to 1 metre long. Withstands cold winters and humid summers. A once common herb, but now quite rare. Will grow in most soil types. A medicinal herb. Very aromatic foliage and flowers. Used to be used to flavour and preserve ales and beers before the use of hops. An edible herb, leaves consumed raw or cooked. Costmary has a wide range of culinary uses. Leaves, stems and flowers also used to make a tea. Frost hardy. An excellent plant for pot purri, helps bring out the scent of other plants and fixes their scents.. Dried plants good for keeping insects away from clothes.

Costmary / Alecost

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