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Symphytum officinale - Hardy herbaceous perennial. 1 metre height, 1 metre width. Full sun to part shade. Pale pink flowers in the summer. Excellent composting plant, the leaves accelerate the breakdown of the compost. Requires a moist position, can be grown in damp wet areas. Grows well under the shade of trees. The leaves are high in potash, makes it a good fertiliser for other plants. Good source of calcium, iron, potassium, amino acids and protein for chickens, it’s a tonic feed for them and improves yellow colour of their yolks. Been used for thousands of years. Used externally to treat cuts, wounds, broken bones and bruises. One of the only land plants to contain vitamin B12. Can live up to 20 years. Eaten by sheep and cows. Once widely cultivated as a fodder herb. Hairs on the leaves can cause irrational.


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