Anthemis nobilis - Evergreen perennial. Full sun to part shade. Excellent ground cover.  Medicinal herb, used internally and externally. Flowers used to make a medicinal tea. A very fragrant plant, with a delicious sweet apple type fragrance. Requires well drained, but moisture retentive soil. Mulch well in hot weather.  Will grow well in pots.  Used medicinally for thousands of years, the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used chamomile. Sweet daisy like flowers, with white petals and yellow centres. This plant doesn’t like really hot weather. We grow ours here in a position with morning sun and afternoon shade in the summer. It is sometimes used as a fragrant lawn and for pathways.  Frost hardy plant. Attractive to beneficial insects. A yellow to gold dye can be made from the flowers. A good companion plant.

Chamomile, Roman

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