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Apium graveolens var. secalinum - Biennial vegetable. Lovely red stems and glossy green leaves, make this plant both ornamental and functional. Grows well in both the vegetable garden and in pots. Planting them in pots has the advantage of being able to move them to a warm spot in winter to extend the growing period. Red Stem Celery is a good productive cut and come again vegetable. Providing fresh, tasty cuttings for continual use in the kitchen. Both the stalk and leaves are edible, and use both fresh or cooked. Use as you would common celery or parsley. Leaf celery grows well once established. Not frost hardy. Full sun to part shade, but I have found that they grow best with part shade here in the heat of our summers. Keep well watered, especially in hot weather.

Celery, Cutting - Red Stem

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