Brassica oleracea ssp. Oleracea - Limit of 4 per person.A tough perennial vegetable and herb. An easily grown plant. Leaves edible raw or cooked. Leaves can be harvested most of the year round. The seeds and leaves also have medicinal qualities, having excellent health qualities.. Prefers a well drained fertile soil. Wild Cabbage grows very well in coastal gardens also. This is a very ancient, original form of cabbage. It has been cultivated since at least ancient Greek and Roman times, but probably longer than that. This is the ancestor of the modern cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale and kohlrabi. Grow as you would common cabbage, and does well in most garden soils. Use the leaves as a cut and come again vegetable raw or cooked. The flowering heads look a little like broccoli and are edible raw or cooked. Wild Cabbage has been growing very well here, and has really impressed me, coping especially well in the high heat of summer in the full sun. Excess leaves are also a good source of greens for poultry and other animals.

Cabbage, Wild Perennial

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