Ocimum sanctum 'Holy Red' - Perennial herb. 50-60 cms height, 50-60 cms width. Full sun to part shade. Pink purple flowers. Whole plant beautifully aromatic. Very ornamental plant. An excellent culinary herb. Frost tender. I move mine into a warm sheltered spot to overwinter. Will grow all year round in warmer areas. A medicinal plant. Native to India, used there in their traditional medicine and religion. Vigorous growth, provides a good supply of leaves for cooking. Prefers a rich moist well drained soil. Mulch well in hot weather. If seeds are not required remove flower heads to encourage more leaf growth. Leaves have a reddish purple tint. A good companion plant to tomatoes and capsicums. Contains vitamins A, C and K, also a source of magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron.

Basil, Holy Red

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