Melissa officinalis - Herbaceous perennial. 50-80 cms height, 80cms width. Full sun to part shade, prefers to get some shade in the day. The plant has a delicious lemon aroma. Small yellow flowers in the summer. Grows in most soil types, but prefers a rich, moist well draining soil. Edible herb, leaves can also be used to make a tea. The whole plant is very attractive to bees. Can be rubbed around the inside and outside of new bee hives to attract bees to them. Also good planted around bee hives. Lemon balm has been used medicinally for thousands of years. The plant is medicinal to both humans and animals. Improves milk yield of grazing animals. A tonic for animals that graze on it. Said to improve longevity of both humans and animals. Prune back after flowering and cut back to the ground in the winter when foliage begins to die back. Frost hardy.

Balm, Lemon

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