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Artemisia abrotanum - Hardy perennial.60-80 cms height, 50-70 cms width. Full sun to part shade. Lovely soft, feathery, aromatic foliage. Older plants being more fragrant.  Small bushy shrub. Small, yellow flowers. Will grow in most well drained soil types. Will even grow in poorer soils, preferring a not to rich soil. A yellow dye can be extracted from the branches and can be used to dye wool. Insect repellent, dried leaves can be placed in cupboards and draws to repel moths and other insects. Used as a culinary herb in Italy. The leaves and flowers are used also to make a herbal tea. Can be grown under fruit trees to repel insect pests. Established plants are drought tolerant. Will grow in coastal gardens. Good medicinal herb for animals, made into a tonic and vermifuge for them. Good hedge plant, can be pruned to shape. Best to prune hard in early spring

Artemisia, Southernwood

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