Apios americana - Herbaceous perennial vegetable. 1 to 3 metres height. Full sun to part shade, but prefers part shade in hot summer climate areas. North American native plant, traditionally consumed by Native Americans. Fixes atmospheric nitrogen in the soil. American Groundnut prefers a light, rich, well drained soil. Produces edible tubers and beans, with the tuber yield increasing as the plant ages. The tubers have also been used in traditional Native American medicine. Also makes an attractive ornamental plant, with pretty flowers and foliage. The flowers smell like violets and are excellent nectar producers for bees and other pollinating insects. American Groundnut is a climbing plant. Can take over a large area, so give plenty of space or grow in pots. American groundnut is a climbing plant, but if it has nothing to climb on will just grow on the ground.

American Groundnut

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