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Looking for Winter Greens?

I certainly have been enjoying the cold and wet weather, especially after a long and dry summer. And so have some of the edible plants. Included below is a list of edible plants that are looking great here and growing well in the cold weather. Providing us and the animals with some fresh, home grown winter greens.

  • Leaf Celery- Red Stem, Pink Plume, European Cutting Celery, Leaf Celery. All great grown in pots, which can be moved to a sheltered position to protect from frosts. Here they are still growing well, and producing a good cut and come again harvest of fresh, delicious celery for the kitchen.

  • Sea Celery- An Australian native vegetable and herb. Growing lovely and lush in this cold weather. Producing great repeat harvest stems and leaves.

  • Burnet Saxifrage- A rare , long lived perennial vegetable and medicinal plant. Frost hardy and growing well her in wintery, outdoor conditions. Produces edible leaves and seeds.

  • Salad Burnet-An easily grown perennial edible herb. Leaves edible raw or cooked, with a pleasant cucumber like flavour. Looks good in pots also.

  • Yellow Monkey Flower- perennial bog garden plant and can grow in water to 10cms depth. Very cold hardy. The leaves are edible raw or cooked. A great edible plant for a wet, shady spot, where not a lot else will grow.

  • Par-Cel- A hardy, productive leaf vegetable. Producing nutritious, repeat harvest leaves and stalks for the kitchen. Ornamental also with interesting curly green foliage. Still growing well here in outdoor conditions.

  • Alexanders- a herb and vegetable cultivated since ancient times. Edible leaves, stems, seeds, root, and even flower heads can be pickled. Frost hardy, and is happiest here when the weather is cold. Attractive dark green shiny leaves, with pretty umbels of flowers.

  • Dandelion- a hardy perennial. The whole plant is edible, being a very nutritious plant. Also an excellent medicinal plant. Dandelion is looking great at the moment, lovely and lush. A great soil improver also. Dandelion is also a great source of green pick for your animals, all of mine love eating it.

  • Land Cress- An easily grown, frost hardy leaf vegetable. Leaves can be eaten raw or cooked. Cut and come again the leaves as required. Grows well in pots, for those with limited space.

  • Sea Campion- An unusual perennial edible herb. Leaves can be eaten raw or cooked. A popular Mediterranean vegetable, especially in Spain and Crete. Sea Campion is still looking great here, and growing on well.

  • Meadow Sorrel- a hardy perennial leaf vegetable. Frost hardy and medicinal properties also. An excellent source of greens for both you and your animals.

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