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Many more Rare Herbs and perennial plants coming soon

We plan on being busy over the Christmas New Year period updating the website and bringing back into stock a few plants and we will also be adding a lot of new and rare plants for sale. Including:

  • Mints- several new and unusual varieties

  • Scorzonera- a root vegetable, cultivated widely in Medieval times

  • More rare Bunching Onion Varieties

  • Another rare Perennial Leek variety

  • American Groundnut- a rare American perennial root vegetable

  • Double Flowering Meadowsweet

  • Cowslip- a very old fashioned plant that is now quite rare

  • Blue Chives-a very rare perennial chive variety

  • Scarlet Runner Bean - a perennial bean

  • Mauka- a rare South American perennial vegetable.

And many more. I have been very busy!

And for all of those waiting for the Mashua plants to be ready, they are growing on well, and I should be able to give an availability date for them after Christmas.

Last date for plant postage for the year will be Monday the 10th of December, with postage to resume on Monday the 7th of January.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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