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Starting to think about Autumn planting?

With summer almost over its time to start thinking about autumn planting. Preparing garden beds and sourcing new and interesting plants. There is still a number of plants looking good in the nursery despite the heat and lack of any rain. Our website will soon be updated with a number of new and returning to stock plants, including some from our new edible plant range which is growing well.

Plants still looking good from our current catalogue include:-

  • Strawberries including yellow, white and red heirloom varieties;

  • Salsify;

  • Perennial onions including Ever Ready, Bunching, Egyptian and Chinese;

  • Yacon;

  • Skirret;

  • Lobelia siphilitica;

  • Cock's Foot Grass - growing well and providing excellent green forage for pets and livestock;

  • Sculpit;

  • Sea Campion;

  • Par-Cel:

  • Leaf Celery;

  • Mitsuba.

New plants being added soon:-

  • Banana Mint;

  • Arabian Mint;

  • Samphire;

  • Juniper Berry- self fertile;

  • Betony- white flower;

  • Chinese Potato;

  • Lobelia siphilitica alba;

  • Blue bugle;

  • Sea Celery;

  • Makua;

  • Rampion.

Returning to stock plants include:-

  • Lovage;

  • Skirret;

  • Perennial Leek;

  • Greek perennial basil.

I really enjoy growing herbs and edible plants, but I am also very interested in the history and folklore of plants. I find it fascinating learning about historical uses and folklore of plants. So I thought I might include with each blog's ending an interesting piece of folklore about a plant I sell.

This weeks - According to folklore eating leeks in spring will ensure good luck for the rest of the year!

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