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Spring Update

Mashua Tuber

With Spring comes many plant varieties returning to stock and also many new varieties being added to the website for sale. We are still growing our large range of herbs, with some new types being added shortly. But we are also greatly expanding our edible plant range, especially the perennial vegetables.

Of our edible plant range:

Plants returning to stock soon-

New varieties being added to the website soon-

  • Perennial Chilli/ Manzano - Capsicum pubescens

  • Artichoke

  • Jerusalem Artichoke

  • Potato Onions - White, Golden Brown and Brown

  • Red Bunching Onions

  • Sea Plantain

  • Giant Turkish Plantain

  • New Bunching onion varieties

  • Earth Chestnut

We are also experimenting with growing some even more rare and unusual edible plants and are hoping to have some of them available for sale later in the year and others ready for sale in the new year.


These exciting new plants include-

  • Oca - Oxalis tuberosa

  • American Ground Nut - Apios americana

  • Mauka - Mirabilis expansa

  • Mashua - Tropaeolum tuberosum

  • White Sweet potato - Avery rare sweet potato with white skin and white flesh and delicious flavour.

  • Italian Turnip Rooted Cabbage

  • Wasabi - Wasabia japonica

  • Ahipa/ Ajipa - Pachyrhizus ahipa

  • Green Mountain Potato Onions

  • Perennial Buckwheat

  • Perennial Capsicum

  • Chilacayote Squash - Cucurbita ficifolia

  • Chufa/ Earth Almond - Cyperus esculentus

  • Jicama - Pachyrhizus erosus

  • Madagascar Climbing Bean - Phaseolus lunatus.

A somewhat ambitious list, but I really want to try and get all of these rare edible plants growing for us here so I can try them and then hopefully be able to sell some to people who are interested in trying something new, and as in the case of most of them, will grow perennially for year after year of harvesting.

Also this is the absolute last week or two for buying Yacon, Water Chestnut and Duck Potatoes. These will then not be available again until late autumn/ early winter next year.

Midsummer Herbs

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