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Returning to Stock, Last Chance and New Plants

Spring is almost with us and many plants have begun their spring growth. Its a great time to be starting plants in the garden. We have returned a lot of plants back into stock, including:

- Some more Mints

- Some more Thymes

Plus many more, about 30 plants have just returned to stock. And a lot more will be returning soon.

We also have some new plants coming for sale soon, including some very rare plants, which will be available on the Midsummer Herbs website. These include:

Mashua - Tropaeolum tuberosum - A very rare plant from the Andes, producing edible tubers

Earth Chestnut - Bunium bulbocastanum - Another very rare edible plant. Its leaves, seeds and bulbs are all edible

Yellow Monkey Flower - Mimulus gutatus - An edible and medicinal plant, suitable for bog gardens and wet areas

Pellitory - Anacyclus pyrethrum - A long cultivated plant for medicine and cooking, much used in Spain

Sea Plantain - Plantago maritima - A hardy edible plant, one of the best tasting of the plantains

Also coming soon:

- Chicory - Red Dandelion

- Aegean Sage Germander

- Catnip

- Canadian Wild Ginger

- Black Horehound

- Salad Burnet

- Banana Mint

- White Woodbine

- Jerusalem Artichoke

- Lesser Celandine - Double flower

It is also your last chance to purchase Yacon, Duck Potato and Water Chestnuts. They will soon be in full growth and I will be unable to send them until next winter

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