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New Plants Ready and Coming Soon

We have some more plants being added to our online catalogue. There are also many new plants growing on and will be ready in spring. Most of the new plants are both edible and medicinal, with a lot being added to our new Perennial Vegetable section.

New plants ready now

Alexanders-Smyrnium olusatrum. An ancient biennial vegetable and herb. The whole plant is edible, Having the flavour of a mix of both parsley and celery.Alexanders is also a very attractive plant.

Leaf Celery-Apium graveolens secalinum. A hardy, biennial cut and come again vegetable. An excellent continuous supply of celery. Use leaves fresh or cooked, whenever celery is required.

Par-Cel-Apium graveolens var. dulce. Hardy biennial. Another type of leaf celery, harvest leaves and stalks as required. Leaves look similar to parsley, but have the flavour of celery.

Salsify-Tragopogon porrifolius. Biennial root vegetable. Roots have the flavour of oysters. Leafy tops are also edible.

Perennial Sunflower-Helianthus maximilianii. Perennial herb and edible plant. Produces edible seeds and tubers. Also a highly ornamental plant. Perennial sunflower can also be grazed by livestock, and the seed heads are good for birds and poultry.

Mitsuba-Cryptotaenia japonica. Evergreen perennial vegetable and herb.Cut and come again vegetable. The flavour is a mix between parsley and celery. Seeds are also used as a seasoning.

Lebanese Cress-Aethionema cordifolum. Perennial edible plant. Leaves and stems eaten. Hardy and prolific. Lebanese cress will also grow in boggy areas.

New plants growing on and ready for Spring

Earth Chestnut-Bunium bulbocastanum. A very rare perennial edible plant. Foliage and tubers edible, seeds used to make a culinary spice. The flowers are also used as a food flavouring.

Rampion-Campanula rapunculus. A biennial edible, medicinal and ornamental plant.Leaves and roots edible. Rampion has been used as a vegetable for centuries and is still used in European cookery.

Pellitory-Anacyclus pyrethrum. Perennial herb and edible plant. A rare plant in Australia. Ancient use as a medicinal and edible plant. Pretty daisy like flowers.

Sea Buckthorn-Hippophae rhamnoides. Perennial tree/shrub. Edible and medicinal plant. Rare in Australia. Berries have high medicinal and nutritional properties. Also a good hedge and animal fodder plant.

Giant Turkish Plantain-Plantago major. A hardy perennial. The largest true plantain, which produces giant leaves in abundance. A good medicinal and animal fodder plant.

Butterfly Pea-Clitoria ternata. A perennial vine. Butterfly pea produces beautiful deep blue flowers. The flowers are used in Asian cuisine. A medicinal plant, used in traditional Chinese medicine. An animal fodder plant.

Perennial Chilli-Capsicum pubescens. Perennial rae chilli plant. Fruit edible and very hot. and can be used fresh or dried. Can keep fruiting for 15 years. Medicinal plant also. Perennial chilli is also unusual in that it produces a blue/violet flowers and black seeds.

Perennial Kale/ Thousand Headed Kale-Brassica oleracea. Hardy perennial vegetable. A highly productive plant, especially throughout winter and early spring. A great cut and come again plant, with a long history of cultivation. Also a good animal fodder plant.

Yellow Monkey Flower-Mimulus guttatus. Hardy perennial plant. Edible and medicinal. A good plant for the bog garden. Pretty large yellow flowers.

Lungwort-Pulmonaria officinalis. Perennial medicinal, edible and ornamental plant. Attractive spotted leaves and flowers that start pink and later turn blue.

Climbing Nasturtium/ Mashua-Tropaeolum tuberosum. A very rare edible plant. Leaves, flowers and tubers edible. An ancient vegetable crop with 8000 years of cultivation. A good ornamental climbing plant also, with orange and red flowers and pretty leaves.

Lesser Celandine/ Pilewort-Ranunculus ficaria. Perennial herb. Used medicinally for thousands of years. A good plant for a shaded area or under trees. A very attractive plant, producing bright yellow flowers.

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