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Perennial Vegetables

We have recently added a new Perennial Vegetable section to our website.

This contains all of our perennial vegetable varieties and also our biennial vegetables. There will also be more additions to the plants available shortly, including-

- Potato Onions- White, Golden Brown, and Brown

- Salsify

- Alexanders

- Perennial Sunflower

- Mitsuba

- Arrowroot

- Leaf Celery

These plants are productive and a great option for the kitchen garden, as you plant once and repeat harvest for long periods. Most have good ornamental appeal also, and look good planted in among other perennial plants.

Our duck garden continues to progress well. The first lot of plants put in are growing well, and these include-

- Cocksfoot

- Queensland Arrowroot

- Wild Oregano

- Dandelion

- Melilot

- Radikia

- Comfrey

- Mother of Thyme

- Water Mint

- Sheep Sorrel

- Rumex acetosa

- Raspberry

- Red Plantain

- Chives

- Kale

- Mangolds

- Silverbeet

I am going to plant out some more different plants, to complete the garden. I will include future plantings in the next blog update. All of the plants have medicinal and nutritional value for my ducks. They provide great forage for both plant material and the insects that live among them. The garden will also look attractive. Once the planting is complete a large pond will go in and will also be planted out with aquatic and bog garden plants beneficial for the ducks.

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