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Hello, welcome to my first blog posting and thanks for reading.

It’s been a while since we have last updated the website, but we have been very busy planting seeds, watering through all this hot weather and propagating new varieties.

The autumn seed planting has been going very well, with good germination rates of some new and interesting varieties of plants. I've planted a number of new herbs, edibles, perennial vegetables and perennials. I always find it really exciting growing from seed. Checking every day to see what has grown and being amazed at how quickly things can grow.

Some of the new varieties include some unusual new edible plants. Including Huauzontle, Minutina, Serpent Garlic, unusual Thymes, Arrowroot and quite a few others. Some of these being perennial, giving a long lasting source of harvestable food for gardeners.

We've also had a go at planting some unusual medicinal and fruiting tree seeds. Most of these are long term germinators and are planted outside to experience seasonal temperatures and conditions. Hopefully some will germinate in the spring.

We have also a number of new plants ready for sale to be added to the website. These plants include herbs, edibles, perennial vegetables and perennials.

Thanks to all of our new customers for ordering and giving us a go. We hope that you are happy with your plants, and feel free to check out the website from time to time as new varieties are becoming ready and added to the website.

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