Onobrychis viciifolia - Perennial herbaceous legume. 70 cms height. Full sun. An excellent soil improver plant, deep taproots break up the soil and bring up nutrients from deep in the ground and it also fixes nitrogen in the soil. These properties make it a good pasture plant, but also good in the vegetable garden to bring up nutrients for your vegetables. A very good animal fodder plant, especially in temperate areas. They find Sainfoin very palatable and it contains a rich source of protein. Also having good medicinal properties for grazing animals, being especially enjoyed by sheep and goats. Pet rabbits also enjoy nibbling on Sainfoin. It also stores well dried. Sainfoin is also very attractive to bees. Good frost and drought tolerance. Sainfoin prefers a well drained, but moist soil. Pretty pink flowers produced in spring and in Autumn.


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