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Mentha x piperita 'Chocolate' - Hardy, herbaceous perennial. 60 cms height, by 1 metre width. Full sun to part shade, prefers a position with morning sun and afternoon shade. Moist to soggy  position, can be grown near waterways, ponds, water gardens or in damp areas. Lilac coloured flowers in summer and autumn. Flowers attract bees, butterflies and other beneficial pollinating insects into the garden. Highly aromatic plant, smelling of chocolate and mint. Smells like an after dinner mint. Leaves used to make a tea. Leaves can also be used in deserts, with ice cream and in mojitos. Leaves can be used fresh or dried. Regular pruning keeps plants bushier. Prefers a nutrient rich soil. Prune down to the ground in late autumn or winter when plant dies back, it will regrow in the spring. An easy to grow plant that can become invasive. Does well in pots.

Mint, Chocolate Mint

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